Afox Constructions

The Crew


The Crew

Alex Fox (Builder) Liam Anderson (Second Year Apprentice) Patrick Bramwell (Carpenter)

At A Fox Constructions, we take pride in our work and that shows in our team. Alex has been fortunate to be able to use his 20 years of building experience and carpentry knowledge to help train young and eager apprentices. Alex is also heavily involved with the local community schools taking on school based work experience, for children deciding wether a career in carpentry is suited to them.


Patrick  started working with A Fox Constructions straight out of school and completed his apprenticeship under the directions of Alex. Patrick is a dedicated and driven employee, who is trusted with many jobs alongside Alex.


Liam has been working with A Fox Constructions for 3 years, he started his apprenticeship with Alex  and has been on our team ever since. Liam plays an important role in our team ensuring things keep moving in a professional and timely manner, while learning the A Fox way when it comes to attention to detail with workmanship and skill in his apprenticeship.